Carry Bags

ZipWall Carry Bag
ZipWall® Carry Bag

ZipPole Carry Bag
ZipWall® 10 Carry Bag

Carry Bags

These durable bags keep your ZipWall® poles and accessories organized and easy to transport.

The ZipWall® Carry Bag is 1,52m long and black with red trim and red handle straps. Holds twelve 3,6m ZipWall® 12 Poles or twelve 6,1m ZipWall® 20 Poles.

The ZipWall® 10 Carry Bag is 1,21m long and black with blue trim and blue handle straps. Holds twelve 3m ZipWall® 10 Poles.

ZipWall® Carry Bag includes one carry bag.

ZipWall® 10 Carry Bag includes one carry bag.

  • Made of tough polyester
  • Keeps poles, parts and accessories all in one place