6,1m Poles

ZipWall 20 2-Pack
ZipWall® 20 2-Pack

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These 6,1m poles are made of high-quality anodized aluminum and provide you with maximum flexibility. They’re great when you’re working with very high ceilings, but because they collapse down to as low as 1,57m they work just as well with lower everyday ceilings.

ZipWall® 20 2-Packcontains two 6,1m aluminum, spring-loaded poles with parts (heads, plates, and GripDisk™ non-slip pads).  Plastic sheeting is not included.

  • Extends 1,57 to 6,1 m
  • Each pole weighs just 1,47 kg
  • Strong aluminum construction
  • GripDisks™ prevent sliding on smooth floors
  • Works in positive and negative air
  • For residential or commercial jobs