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SideBridge™ Wall Mounts

SideClamp™ Tapeless Seal Clamp 2-Pack
SideClamp™ Tapeless Seal Clamp 2-Pack

SidePack™ Wall Mount Ki
SidePack™ Wall Mount Kit


The SideBridge™ snaps onto a FoamRail Span™ and holds it against a ZipWall® pole to form a tight seal. One Span™ can seal up to 8 feet along the wall. The SideBridge™ also works with the FoamRail Span™ Mini to seal up to 4 feet along the wall.

Using the ZipWall® pole next to the wall, the SideClamp™ tapeless seal clamps tightly seal the barrier material against the wall by pushing a FoamRail™ tapeless seal against them both. The FoamRail™ tapeless seals easily snap onto the SideClamp™ tapeless seal clamps.

Use with plastic sheeting or ZipFast™ Reusable Barrier Panels.

SideBridge Wall Mount™ 4-Pack contains two standard size and two long SideBridge™ wall mounts.

SideClamp™ Tapeless Seal  Clamp 2-Pack contains two SideClamp™ tapeless seal clamps for use with FoamRail™ tapeless seals. Does not include FoamRail™ tapeless seals.

SidePack™ Wall Mount Kit contains six SideClamp™ tapeless seal clamps, six 0,9m aluminum FoamRail™ cross bars, and a ZipWall®carry bag. Seals off the walls at both ends of a ZipWall®barrier. Completely seals two walls each 2,74m high.

  • Form a dust-tight seal along walls
  • Perfect for residential or commercial jobsites
  • Ideal for work in healthcare facilities
  • No ladders or tape needed
  • Tough polycarbonate construction