ZipFast™ Reusable Barrier Panels

ZipFast Multi-Pack
ZipFast™ Multi-Pack

ZipFast 10'|3mPanel
ZipFast™ 10’|3mPanel

ZipFast™ 5' Panel|1,5 m
ZipFast™ 5′ Panel|1,5 m

ZipFast™ 2.5' Panel|76 cm
ZipFast™ 2.5′ Panel|76 cm

A green alternative to plastic sheeting. If you have ZipFast™ Reusable Barrier Panels they’re always ready to do the job. They quickly and easily zip together to build a dust barrier as wide as needed. Zippered access is built right in, and the 76cm panel lets you put a door where you need it. They’re easier to use, more economical, and greener than plastic sheeting. Available in a Multi-Pack or as single panels. Poles not included.

Multi-Pack contains three 1,5m x 3,6m  panels, one 76cm x 3,6m panel, and a ZipFast™ carry bag.

10’|3m Panel contains one  3m x 3,6m panel.

5’|1,5m Panel contains one 1,5m x 3,6m  panel.

2.5’|76cm Panel contains one 76cm x 3,6m  panel.

  • Economical
  • Easy to use – no measuring or cutting
  • High-tech fabric panels
  • Tough and machine washable, with sewn-in heavy-duty zippers
  • Provide privacy, hide messy areas
  • For use with ZipWall® poles and accessories

Need Poles?