ZipWall® Magnetic Dust Barrier Door Kit

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The ZipWall® magnetic dust barrier door provides self-closing hands-free access to your worksite.  It’s the easiest way to get in and out of a dust barrier. It is self-closing, and can easily handle high traffic.

Setting up the magnetic door takes just a few minutes. An adjustable header bar holds the door up between two ZipWall® poles. The magnetic door panel attaches to the barrier material with specially designed magnetic strips. Powerful self-closing action maintains a tight seal.

The high-tech fabric panel features a clear plastic  window. Self-closing magnets are sewn-in. Includes a heavy-duty storage tube and a carry bag. Works with all ZipWall® dust barrier poles and can be used with positive or negative air.

The ZipWall® Magnetic Dust Barrier Door Kit contains one 218cm × 139cm door panel, four 112cm and two 64cm magnetic strips, one header bar with clips for 3m, 3,6m, and 6,1m ZipWall® spring-loaded poles,  storage tube, and a carry bag.  Poles are not included.

Weight: 3,63 kg
Dimensions: 13cm x 9 cm x 114cm