FoamRail™ Tapeless Seals

FoamRail Span™ Adjustable Tapeless Seal
FoamRail Span™ Adjustable Tapeless Seal



FoamRail Tapeless Seal 2-Pack
FoamRail™ Tapeless Seal 2-Pack



After your ZipWall® barrier is in place, use the FoamRail™ Tapeless Seals to tightly seal along ceilings, floors or walls without using ladders or tape.  They easily snap on to all ZipWall® poles and SideClamp™ tapeless seal clamps. Once attached, they push the barrier against the ceiling, floor or wall creating a tight seal. The FoamRail Span™ Adjustable Tapeless Seal seal slides to expand or contract, sealing up to 2,43m of barrier edge using just one ZipWall® pole or wall mount.

FoamRail Span™ Adjustable Tapeless Seal contains one FoamRail Span™ adjustable tapeless seal. Does not include pole or wall mount.

FoamRail™ Tapeless Seal 2-Pack contains two 1,2m aluminum FoamRail™ tapeless seals and two T-Clip™ attachments. Does not include poles or wall mounts.

  • Form a dust-tight seal along the ceilings, floors, and walls
  • Perfect for residential or commercial jobsites
  • Ideal for work in healthcare facilities
  • Installs in seconds
  • No ladders or tape needed