SideBridge™ Wall Mount – 4-Pack


Tightly seal a barrier along a wall in less than a minute. Each SideBridge™ wall mount  is used with a FoamRail Span™ Tapeless Seal to  seal up to 8 feet along the wall without using tape or a ladder and without causing damage to the wall. The SideBridge™ snaps onto a FoamRail Span™ and holds it against a ZipWall® dust barrier pole to form a tight seal. Easy to use and reusable.

This package contains two standard size and two long SideBridge™ wall mounts. The long SideBridge™ wall mounts can be used to seal around obstacles like baseboard radiators, window sills, and crown moldings.

SideBridge™ Walll Mount 4-Pack contains two standard and two long SideBridge™ wall mounts.

Weight: 0,09 kg
Dimensions: 15cm x 20cm x 4cm