Spring-Loaded Poles

ZipWall® spring-loaded dust barrier poles are designed for setting up a temporary dust barrier in minutes without ladders or tape and without damaging the surface. ZipWall 10, ZipWall 12, and ZipWall 20 spring-loaded poles telescope up to 3 m, 3,6 m, and 6,1 m high respectively. ZipWall poles allow one person to create a dust protection wall up to 6,1 m high and as wide as needed in just a few minutes. This temporary wall sections off the work area from the rest of the home or commercial property and protects them from dust.

ZipWall dust barrier poles work with polythene sheeting (or plastic sheeting) or with the eco-friendly ZipFast reusable barrier panels. These patented spring-loaded poles are telescoping and twist-locking. Innovative non-skid head and plate help secure the dust barrier in place and prevent damage to the ceiling.

Place poles about 3 m apart in normal conditions, or closer if there is significant air movement.