General Questions

What is the recommended space between poles?

Poles should be placed 3m to 3,7m apart. If there is significant air movement you’ll want to move them closer together.

What are the working height ranges of ZipWall™ poles?

The working height range of the 3m pole is 1,27m to 3,12m. For the 3,6m’ pole it’s 1,39m to 3,6m. For the 6,1m pole it’s 1,57m to 6,1m.

Does the ZipWall® Dust Barrier System work with negative air?

Yes, the ZipWall® system was designed for applications using negative air. Because negative air creates pressure against the plastic, it tends to tug on the poles. So, with moderate pressure you should place the poles 6 to 8 feet apart, for very high pressure situations poles may have to be placed as close as 1,21m apart. Always use GripDisks™ under the poles to hold the bottom in place.

With what types of ceilings do ZipWall® poles work?

They work on all types of ceilings, including plaster, drywall, textured, popcorn, and drop. For drop ceilings, it is important that the plate on top of the pole be placed on the grid or T-bar that holds the ceiling tiles in place. Where a drop ceiling meets a wall, the special Edge™ Head & Plate can be used as it is specially designed to not lift the grid in that position.

Can ZipWall® poles be used with slanted ceilings?  

Yes, the head and plate pivot to adapt to a slanted ceiling.

Can ZipWall® poles be used outdoors?

Yes, if there is a ceiling available such as on porches or balconies. But, do not use the ZipWall system if it is very windy. Damage or injury could result.

How much weight can ZipWall™ poles hold?

The weight a ZipWall™ pole can hold depends on the strength of the person tightening the pole. The average person will twist the pole tight enough so the pole can hold 27kg to 36kg. However, with a stronger tightening twist, a person can produce a hold of about 49kg. (Caution: Do not use for holding anything that could fall and cause injury or damage).

How can I clean the non-skid head plate?

Keep the non-skid, non-marking surface clean by using soap and water with a scrubbing pad or by running it through the dishwasher.

Are ZipWall® products guaranteed?

Yes, all ZipWall® products are guaranteed for two years.

Plastic Sheeting

Do ZipWall® products come with plastic sheeting?

No, plastic sheeting is not included. ZipWall® does sell an easier to use, more economical alternative to plastic sheeting, ZipFast™ Reusable Barrier Panels.

What size roll of plastic sheeting should I buy?

Buy plastic on a continuous roll that is long enough to reach from the beginning of the wall you are making to the end. The width of the plastic should be at least 30cm longer than the height of your ceiling where the wall will be installed. For example, if you have a 2,43m ceiling, buy plastic at least 2,74m wide.

What is the recommended plastic sheeting thickness?

We suggest the use of the lightest plastic your application calls for. The lighter the plastic, the easier it is to handle and the less expensive it is. However, very light plastic (under 1mm) can be hard to handle and control.

FoamRail® Tapeless Seals and SideClamp™ Tapeless Seal Clamps

How do FoamRail® tapeless seals attach to the spring-loaded poles?

T-Clips™ are used to connect FoamRail™ tapeless seals and poles. One side of a T-Clip™ snaps on to the ball at the end of a ZipWall® pole. The other side of the T-Clip™ snaps on to the FoamRail™ tapeless seal. On the FoamRail Span™ the pole snaps into the Slide™ mechanism.

Can FoamRail™ tapeless seals seal completely?

Yes, FoamRail™ tapeless seals can be overlapped, allowing you to form a seal along any length of floor or ceiling, or any height wall. The FoamRail Span™ adjustable tapeless seal extends to seal up to 2,43m.

Can FoamRail™ tapeless seals be used to hold up plastic sheeting or ZipFast™ reusable barrier panels?

No, they are not designed for this purpose. The dust barrier should be built first, anchoring the barrier material in place at the ceiling, then the FoamRail™ tapeless seal installed to form a seal.

How do SideClamp™ tapeless seal clamps attach to poles and FoamRail™ tapeless seals?

A spring-loaded clamp easily holds the SideClamp™ wall mount onto any ZipWall® pole. The FoamRail™ tapeless seal attaches directly to the SideClamp™. No tools are needed.

Can SideClamp™ tapeless seal clamps be used when there are protrusions from the wall?

Yes, the outermost mounting position of the SideClamp™ tapeless seal clamp easily accommodates crown molding and/or baseboard heat along the same wall.