ZipFast™ Reusable Barrier Panels – Flame Retardant


ZipFast Multi-Pack - Flame Retardant
ZipFast™ Multi-Pack – Flame Retardant


ZipFast 10 Panel - Flame Retardant
ZipFast™ 10‘|3m  – Flame Retardant


ZipFast 5 Panel - Flame Retardant
ZipFast™ 5‘|1,5,m Panel – Flame Retardant


ZipFast 2.5 Panel - Flame Retardant
ZipFast™ 2.5′|76cm Panel – Flame Retardant


Non-flame retardant panels also available.

This product lets you professionally isolate your jobsite for dust control and prying eyes while complying with Flame Retardant regulations.  They quickly and easily zip together to build a barrier as wide as needed with zippered access built right in. They’re easier to use, more economical, and greener than plastic sheeting.

These panels are Class A flame retardant in accordance with Chapter 8 of the International Building Code. Available in a Multi-Pack or as single panels. The 76cm’ panel is ideal to use as doorway in the barrier. Flame-retardant panels are not washable. Poles not included.

Multi-Pack — Flame Retardant contains three 1,5 m x 3,6 m panels, one 76 cm x 3,6 m panel, and a ZipFast™ carry bag.

10’|3 m Panel – Flame Retardant contains one 3 m x 3,6 mpanel.

5’|1,5 m Panel – Flame Retardant contains one 1,5 m x 3,6 m panel.

2.5’|76 cm Panel – Flame Retardant contains one 76 cm x 3,6 m panel.

  • Economical
  • Easy to use – no measuring or cutting
  • High-tech fabric panels — with sewn-in heavy-duty zippers
  • Provide privacy, hide messy areas
  • Flame retardant
  • For use with ZipWall® poles and accessories

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